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  • Christmas Traditions

    Posted on December 15 2016

    There is no feeling like waking up lazily on Christmas morning, well, in our house that's the trend. We love the family excitement, love, and witty banter of siblings being...
  • Feasts and Family

    Posted on November 22 2016

      Thanksgiving is a toss up between College Football Kickoff for our favorite holiday of the year. While we love all of other respective holidays of the calendar year (looking...
  • 11 Ways to Wear Olly Oxen Scarves

    Posted on November 17 2016

    We love Fall. Something about the leaves changing colors and the cool, crisp air rolling in over the hot and humid summer heat, it puts a new pep in our...
  • Tailgate Time!

    Posted on September 08 2016

    With the close of Labor Day Weekend, we have finally kicked off (pun intended) into our favorite season of the year- Football Season- better known as Fall. We get overly...
  • All American Everything

    Posted on August 09 2016

    While watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony last Friday we couldn't help but reminisce on some of the amazing events we've been able to witness over our years watching the summer...
  • Our Favorite Masters Traditions

    Posted on April 07 2016

    Spring time!  The end of cold days, new growth, dogwoods and azaleas, brighter wardrobes, and of course (#punintended) The Masters...  Here's what we love about the annual golf invitational: They...
  • The Cashmere of Cottons

    Posted on February 28 2016

    Gossypium Barbadense.  That's the Latin name for a variety of extra long staple cotton that eventually became what we know as Pima Cotton today.  I knew that six years of...
  • Why YKK?

    Posted on January 08 2016


    Zippers. You use them everyday, which means that you shouldn't have to think about them. But just what does that YKK on some of them mean?  YKK stands for Yoshida...

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