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Our Favorite Masters Traditions

Posted on 07 April 2016

Spring time!  The end of cold days, new growth, dogwoods and azaleas, brighter wardrobes, and of course (#punintended) The Masters...  Here's what we love about the annual golf invitational:

  • They have a theme song!  AND now it's stuck in our heads for the next few days...  Take a listen here.
  • The food!  Nothing makes for a better day of being a patron of August National than a $1.50 pimento cheese sandwich and a $3.00 cold draft beer.  Also, the previous year's winner gets to set the menu for the Champions Dinner before the invitational starts.  Jordan Spieth picked Texas Barbeque this year...
  • The Amateurs!  We love an underdog.  Five amateurs get invited each year to play with the big dogs and they all bunk together in the Crow's Nest atop the Clubhouse.
  • The Caddies!  Adhering to tradition again, all of the caddies wear white coveralls and apparently have a great time off track.
  • Cinderella Story!  A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters' Champion... IT'S IN THE HOLE!
  • Knocking off work!  This is why your office has a projector in the conference room...  Go stream it!
  • The Green Jacket!  Classic styling, single vented, brass buttons, lightweight for spring, and Made in USA...  Here's some in-depth history.

We hope you enjoy going to The Masters (if you're lucky enough to get tickets), learning about it's fun traditions, or playing hooky to watch it at work.  Don't forget to check our our Green Georgia Visor that we created to help celebrate the tradition!

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