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Christmas Traditions

Posted on 15 December 2016

There is no feeling like waking up lazily on Christmas morning, well, in our house that's the trend. We love the family excitement, love, and witty banter of siblings being around each other. Every family has different traditions for different holidays but ours for Christmas we are particularly fond of over others. 

The Olly Oxen Parents tree is decorated with the old school colorful Christmas lights and our LBG Model Train always makes an appearance!  In true Louisiana fashion we always read the Cajun Night Before Christmas.
Waking up in the Guice house for Christmas means Eggs Benedict for breakfast with Daddio's homemade biscuits topped off with Crystal Hot Sauce Hollandaise.  We always leave a bit for the dogs...
It's an old tradition, but we'd be remiss not to mention our matching outfits.  Pants, suspender, turtlenecks, sailor suits.  We're glad it's over. Before cooking our beef tenderloin for dinner, we put on Aaron Nevile's Christmas Album loop and randomly get up to do the fais do do.


For more Olly Oxen related Christmas ideas, gifts, and recipes check out our Pinterest, website, and Facebook. Stay tuned to our Instagram for daily family Christmas photos through the years (they'll keep you chuckling at the very least). 

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