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Tailgate Time!

Posted on 08 September 2016

With the close of Labor Day Weekend, we have finally kicked off (pun intended) into our favorite season of the year- Football Season- better known as Fall. We get overly excited on Friday afternoons in the office while we mentally (sometimes physically) and emotionally prepare ourselves for what lies ahead on Saturday. There's banter back and forth about who is going to win but we always reach a happy place when it comes to planning the tailgate.
We love to host a good party with our friends and family, especially during College Football Season. In fact, we've compiled a condensed list of "never fails, pack it in the suburban" list for your Gameday Get Together
  • Tailgate tent. Highly sought after for those tailgating in high noon sun! We recommend getting a custom tent or one that can be easily spotted through the sea of tailgaters. We like our friends' friends to be able to find us. 
  • Cooler. We've been dragging along our Igloo for the last six years and it's never let us down! This trusty cooler has supported (literally and figuratively) it all, victory dances and last minute loses, but still keeps our drinks cold & always shows up for the next game. 
  • Drinks. Our go to is always a Bloody Mary for the noon games! We're always looking for new recipes to try, if you have any good ones send them our way. We also always throw in few of our favorite beers. Charlotte (thinks picking a favorite is too difficult but...) loves Ruby Redbird, Cameron is headed straight for the PBR, and Hunter is reaching for Shiner Bock. Most importantly- every Nalgene in the house is frozen the night before to double as ice & water for later!  
  • FoodHave you ever been to a tailgate without food? It is THE WORST. You'll never fail with some Biscuits, Dips, and Small Bites. Check out our Tailgate Recipes for new ideas!
  • Boots. We have no preference on brand as long as their cowboy boots. These babies will keep your feet clean, dry, and protected from any kind of tailgate tales you have! We love all boots paired with our skirts, even rainboots!
  • HatSo many options to choose from, we can't pick just one! We have one of each color for our favorite teams to maximize our gameday outfits. 
We'll be out and about all season long. Look for our tent (pictured above) stop by and introduce yourself- we'd love to meet y'all! If you're wearing Olly Oxen gear let us see it- tag us on social media & we'll feature it (plus give you 15% off your next order). Happy Tailgating Friends! 

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