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  1. What is the inspiration behind the company name?
    The saying "Olly Olly Oxen Free!" from playing games as children (and grown-ups too).
  2. When will my order be shipped?
    We work to process orders as quickly as possible. Orders placed Monday through Friday are usually shipped within 48 hours. Orders placed over the weekend are usually shipped Tuesday. Please note during periods of high volume, it may take longer. If you need to receive your order within a specific timeframe, please feel free to call or email us with any questions regarding the best shipping service to select.
  3. How do you recommend tying my bowtie?
    Click here to see instructions.  The method of tying is the most common way... the important thing to remember is the placement of the embroidery side is on the left side of your body, face-down!
  4. I don't see my favorite school/state... will you be adding it?
    We are looking forward to adding more colleges, universities, and states! If you are interested in a particular state/color scheme/school, please send us an email at
    We are adding more states at this time to the State Pride Collection.  Adding products to the Collegiate Collection takes a little more time.  In order to create and sell products for a certain school, we must be officially licensed with them, which can be a time-consuming process to obtain.
  5. Will you do custom products?
    We would love to consider doing a custom product/project for you!  Send us an email at
  6. I love your company and want to become involved... how can I?
    We offer various internships (learn more here).  We're not currently hiring for any full-time positions.
  7. Our store wants to carry your products... how can we?
    Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our retailers!  Please fill out our Retailer Interest Form.

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