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 Feedback we’ve gotten from our current retail partners indicate they continue to do business with us because:

  • We have low minimums – As a small business that controls our own production, we can offer low minimums for a custom experience. And we have no set production or ordering windows…
  • We design and manufacture in the USA – We prefer working with small businesses to support our local economy.  We also have more control over manufacturing and see our products get made, resulting in higher quality.
  • Our Lead Times are short – With an average production time of 4-6 weeks, we can get your inventory back up to speed if we don’t have something in-stock.  Any product you see on our website is in-stock!
  • Our products are versatile and offer something unique - You can wear them dressed up or down. For example, our reversible bow tie allows you to wear it without the embroidery showing and becomes formal when paired with our cummerbund.
  • Young Alumni are our target customer – A recent survey we conducted indicates that our brand resonates strongest with young alumni who have an average annual salary of $85,000 and monthly apparel spend of $100. These customers love their alma mater and are willing to spend on unique products that support it.
  • We are a family business - Our goal as siblings is to treat our customers like family.  We like open communication and will keep you updated on any issues.  And we make killer seasoned peanuts for Christmas Gifts...

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